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Monday, September 12, 2005

BACKDATED: A New Way of Thinking about the Genome

There's a lot of information that I think that Creationists need to know that isn't really "news", but for most creationists, it's probably "news to you". I'll include BACKDATED with most of thes posts. And, for the opening of this blog, I'm going to do a lot of them.

Anyway, this is a whole collection of articles to give you new ideas of how to think about the genome. Not all of these are by creationists or even ID'ers, but they do give a new view of how the genome works which is radically different from the more-or-less static genome normally considered. This can be called designed variability, or natural genetic engineering, and is basically the ability for the genome to create its own variability and even engineer new enzymes under environmental stress.

Modular, self-changeable systems are a clear indicator of design. Anyway, here's the stuff:

Shapiro's work on Genome Engineering (all these articles are excellent, even if we disagree in major ways with many of his ideas)

Genetic Variability by Design (especially check out the references -- they are all excellent). Also see this overview and discussion of the significance of it.

The AGE-ing Process This is a creationist explanation for how genomes reorganize themselves. This contains some excellent ideas. However, this view is probably too limitted as it is still more genome-centric than the real answer probably is.

What we are finding out about the genome is simply amazing. Expect that in the coming years, we will find out continually new and amazing wonders from how the cell works, and its interaction with the environment. The design elements that keep on popping up in the cell are nothing short of amazing.

The terms of importance are recombination (recombining parts of chromosomes in sexual reproduction), natural genetic engineering (the ability for a cell to produce new genes based on need), and genomic modularity (the ability for a genome to have modular parts which can be switched on and off, duplicated, or reconfigured on the fly in times of environmental stress).

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