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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Features of Rapid Erosion -- Mt. St. Helens

This is an old one, but it has great pictures, and I think the original article is much better than the short summaries I see some people use. Basically, it is an investigation of how rapid erosion occurs on newly formed landscapes. Absolutely great article:

Rapid Erosion at Mount Saint Helens

Also evident in Figure 3 is an elaborate dendritic pattern of rills and gullies on the sides of the pit that resembles badlands topography. Virtually all of these gullies and rills formed within the first five days after May 18 by the retrogressive slumping of the rim, not by water erosion. According to traditional interpretations, this topography might be assumed to require many centuries of rill and gully erosion if the rapid progress of its development had not been observed.

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