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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Foundations of Stratigraphy -- the Biblical creation and flood

I don't know if something from the 1600s can be considered "research", but I found this article from AiG about Steno very interesting:

Geological pioneer was a biblical creationist

I had thought he was a long-ager, but it seems at least from Walker's description that he was a diluvialist.

My favorite quote was this one:

Far astray, therefore, do they wander, who criticize the many errors in the writings of the ancients, because they find there various things inconsistent with the geography of today. I should be unwilling to put credence in the mythical accounts of the ancients; but there are in them also many things to which I would not gainsay belief. For in those accounts I find many things of which the falsity rather than the truth seems doubtful to me. Such are the separation of the Mediterranean Sea from the western ocean; the passage from the Mediterranean into the Red Sea; and the submersion of the island Atlantis. The description of various places in the journeys of Bacchus, Triptolemus, Ulysses, Aeneas, and of others, may be true, although it does not correspond with present day facts. Of the many changes which have taken place over the whole extent of Tuscany embraced between the Arno and Tiber, I shall adduce evident proofs in the Dissertation itself; and although the time, in which the individual changes occurred, cannot be determined, I shall nevertheless adduce those arguments from the history of Italy, in order that no doubt may be left in the mind of anyone.

Too often we dismiss the writings of the ancients because we don't see how it could have happened. But that is really irrelevant, given that much has changed, and we don't know what, specifically has changed. Dismissing them for being inconsistent with today's world is quite silly, for it presumes that we already know more now looking back than they did then looking around.

I also find it interesting that it seems the 1600s were a time dominated by Christian scientists -- Kepler, Newton, Steno and others. I've often wondered what happened in the 1700s to change that.

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