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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

WARNING: This blog may make sudden stops

In the last week I got accepted into seminary (as well as a partial scholarship -- yeah!) Therefore, it is very likely that between my full-time job, two (sometimes three) part-time jobs, family, helping out at the church, and now seminary, it is very likely that there will be long breaks between posts. If there is someone who would like to co-post with me, I'd love to have some help.

I've got a few posts I'm working on that I will hopefully get done before seminary starts in September, but just remember if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm preparing for ministry.

Sadly, the seminary is doing a "special topics" course on evolution and theology this summer, which is before I officially enroll, so I'll miss it :( It would have been an interesting discussion. There were several books on the reading list I had wanted to read.

Anyway, I'm not done blogging. I just probably won't do it so often.

Congratulations! Will miss your posts, though, if they become sporadic. Good luck.
Which seminary?

I go to Asbury/Orlando.
Ah yes! I had heard they opened up an extension down there. When I graduated from college, I considered Asbury very hard. I know a lot of good pastors from Asbury/Kentucky. I think that former students refer to it as "a city on a hill" or something like that.

I'm going local so I don't have to move my family. I'm going to Phillips Theological Seminary. I was very sad, however, to notice that I am missing a "special topics" course on evolution that is happening this summer :( Oh well.

Out of curiosity, what is the general position of Asbury seminary professors regarding creationism? I'm guessing Phillips is not keen on creationism themselves, but that's all right. Discussing my beliefs with people who disagree is something I see as an advantage.
Hmm. It doesn't come up much. My guess is that most professors take an evolutionary view. But I haven't heard many professors speak on it. It's not a hot-button issue here.
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