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Monday, July 30, 2007

Geology Conference Wrap-Up

Ian gave me what I think is the last of the technical part of the Creation Geology conference. Here is his take on it:

Timothy Clary started off the day with a fascinating overview of the cold blooded/hot blooded dinosaur debate and how it pertains to the potential of higher Oxygen levels in the past.

John Baumgardner then presented some more computer modeling relating to potential rolling of the planet resulting from pangea causing instability in the planet.

Peter Holyland presented for himself and Robert Frohn on DEM (digital elevation maps) for studying post-flood runoff and glaciation studies. This is an area I've had some experience in, so it was especially interesting for me. We talked quite a bit later on as Peter will probably be heading up a Creation research project; a collaboration of a number of fragmented creationists and creation groups around the world who were all attempting to do the same thing: Make global maps of stratigraphy. This was one thing that Peter's company was involved in, and a number of creationists, including myself, are heavily involved in studies of persistent facies and stratigraphic relationships on continental and global scales.
This project will be done on line, and thus we can all contribute and have access to the overall data.

Michael Oard presented his case for the post-flood boundary being in the Mesazoic layers. It was the usual excellent Mike Oard stuff, like drinking from a fire hose.

Aaron Hutchison presented his data from an excellent study in response to Glen Morton's claims that mercury poisoning during the flood would kill off all life on earth, including those after the flood. It was humurous, well thought out, and will be a chapter in the upcoming "Rock Solid Answers" book that John Reed and Mike Oard are editing, of which I also contributed a chapter.

John Doughty presented some fascinating data of anomolous gases (including carbon 14) in various gas wells in the southwest; all points to a very young earth and refutes the old ages assigned to it all.

Lee Spencer presented his case for a flood model attempting to explain the distribution of dinosaurs and stratigraphy. Very interesting tidbits of information strewn all throughout the talk.

Lastly, I got thrown to the lions. I showed evidence that the polystrate plants of Joggins, separated by hundreds to thousands of meters both stratigraphically and geographically, were spiraled, predominantly in a clockwise ascending spiral. It was good because I had already answered all of the objections, but simultaneously it showed me loud and clear that I was not presenting my case and communicating well.

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