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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Journal of Creation Back-Issues Now Free Online!!!

The Journal of Creation is beginning a massive effort to bring its back-issues online -- for free!

This is exciting news, as there have been many instances where I've wanted to look up past information referenced in current sources and have been unable to do so because I cannot get access to them. So this is fantastic! Thanks CMI!

Also, I think that ICR is working on putting together an online journal that can include multimedia content, which I believe would be the first technical journal to do so. Wouldn't it be cool, rather than just reading about flume experiments with sedimentation, to actually watch one? That's what ICR is planning on doing. Exciting stuff! I must say, I am thankful to be a Creationist today with all of these wonderful resources starting to bloom.

Excellent news about CMI's journal; I had recently contacted them about an unvailable article myself.

ICR's upcoming journal will have multi-media content? That's exciting...any idea when it will hit the web?
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