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Monday, September 12, 2005

A Grander View of Life -- the 4th BSG Conference

I'm promising myself I'm going to go to next years conference. Here is the proceedings of the 4th BSG conference (BSG == Baraminology Study Group). Even if you are not into technical details, I encourage EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to read the introduction by Todd Wood. It is simply fabulous.

Interesting stuff contained within:

  • Using systems theory and pattern design to study biological entities and their limits of variability

  • Studying stress-adapted changes in bacterial-genomes

  • Studying the relationship between taxonomy and the ease of taxic identification to man (since God asked man to name the animals)

  • The role of polyploidy in diversification

  • Several taxic studies (including snakes and whales)

  • The correlation between interaction networks of genes and their conservation in species where common descent is correct.

  • Lots, lots more.

Unfortunately, they didn't include full papers. Hopefully those presenting at the conference will make their full research available online. If anyone knows where these might be had, please send me a line.

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