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An ongoing list of creationist research projects. This is not a creationism-verse-evolution site, but a site to publicize the research work done by members of the creationist community and the intelligent design community, or research work by the science community at large constructively relating to creation topics. Evolutionary critiques may be included on occasion but only under special consideration, and especially where the research pertains directly to developing a creationist model.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Real soon now

Sorry for being out so long. I should be back Real Soon Now. The company I work for is moving to a newly renovated building and it has been nonstop work trying to get everything ready and going.

I have several things on my list to talk about, specifically eco-devo (yes, that's eco-devo, not evo-devo). Anyway, hopefully I'll be back to blogging this week.

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