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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Roundup of Interesting Things I Don't Have Time to Blog About

UPDATE -- the link below to information shuffling is only to a slideshow. You can see a whole lecture on information shuffling here, and other interesting videos from the same conference.

Been busy lately. This post is going to be merely a quick listing of good readings on the web that I haven't had time to post yet.

And remember, next week is the BSG Conference. If you are coming, I'll see you there!

I didn't read through every page of Dembski's "Theodicy," but I do know that the purpose of it was to defend God's goodness, not to argue for an old earth. From what I could tell from a light reading, Dembski does that effectively. Actually, a few of his comments seemed to give more credence to a literal, seven-day reading of Genesis 1 than to an old-earth reading. I plan to give the paper a closer look.

Daniel James Devine
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