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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Beijing Anomaly - What is it Evidence for?

A recent article from CMI discusses a recent discovery of a vast underground reservoir of water called the Beijing anomaly. The article says that the anomaly is evidence for Baumgardner's catastrophic plate techtonics, in which rapidly subducting tectonic plates would have pulled massive amounts of sediments and water into the earth's mantle. He says that not only that, but he goes on to say:

Runaway subduction may well be responsible for the water in the Beijing anomaly. But even larger volumes of mineral-laden fluids (hydrothermal fluids) could have reached the upper mantle and the crust. Wherever they would have filtered through unbound sediments (and Noah’s Flood surely produced tremendous amounts of them) the dissolved minerals would precipitate, cementing the unbound sediments into hard rock. About 90% of all sedimentary rocks are considered to be ‘terrigenous’ i.e. made of fragments of previous rocks eroded away from the continents and bound together by chemical cements.

Anyway, very interesting. But I also wonder if this could be evidence for the hydroplate theory. Might this large chamber of water be part of the "fountains of the great deep" that broke open? Anyway, lots of interesting things to think about.

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