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An ongoing list of creationist research projects. This is not a creationism-verse-evolution site, but a site to publicize the research work done by members of the creationist community and the intelligent design community, or research work by the science community at large constructively relating to creation topics. Evolutionary critiques may be included on occasion but only under special consideration, and especially where the research pertains directly to developing a creationist model.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Donations Accepted

Right now the bank account is at a flat zero, with a lot of credit card debt saddled in there. Therefore, I cannot responsibly purchase all of the stuff I need to do this site well. If anyone out there wants to bless me (and by extension, this site) with materials for this, please let me know. The things I need are:

  • [UPDATE: this has been donated!] A subscription to AiG's TJ

  • [UPDATE: this has been donated!] A subscription to CRSQ

  • CORE issues in creation

  • Any other creation research magazine you can think of

I also could use some books. If you author a book on creation and/or evolution and want me to review it here or on my crevo or crevobits blogs, send a copy to:

Jonathan Bartlett
4208 W San Antonio
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

If you send me a book on creation and evolution, I will read it and review it in one of my blogs. You can even send me evolutionist books! If I get overwhelmed with books (one can only hope), I'll let you know. It only takes me about a week to get through a book, but I've got a pretty large backlog.

Anyway, sorry to be mooching in the early stages of the blog, but this could really be helpful to me getting the word out about creationist activities. Part of the problem that creationism has had is that it looks too much like a movement of inactive, back-seat-driver whiners from the outside. Publicizing and letting creationists know about the active research projects being taken on by Creationists will help people see that creationists have positive, insightful, and profound ideas that can alter science for the better!

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