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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fast-forming stalactites

Here is the first part of a message I received from my friend Ian Juby, slightly edited (the second part is a different subject which I'll post later):

Here are two photos of stalactites:

Yes, the second one has my dirty, grubby paws in the photo for scale - what
can I say? I'm a working man! Cut me some slack *grin*

These stalactites are one year old. I know this because a year before I went
through this hydroelectric dam and cleaned house, collecting all the
stalactites for creation museums. When I came back a year later, this is what
had grown.

Vance Nelson and I had X-ray diffractometry performed on these (Rocktell labs,
Calgary, Alberta, Raymond Strom, operator) and stalactites Vance had collected
from other man-made structures around North America. The skeptics have
claimed that these fast-growing stalactites are chemically different than cave
stalactites, and that's why they grow faster. What we discovered (and proved
by X-ray diffractometric chemical analysis) was that reality was the exact
opposite: The fastest growing stalactites (the ones from the dam) were the
most chemically identical to cave stalactites and the ones which were the
dirtiest, most chemically different from cave stalactites grew the slowest.

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