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An ongoing list of creationist research projects. This is not a creationism-verse-evolution site, but a site to publicize the research work done by members of the creationist community and the intelligent design community, or research work by the science community at large constructively relating to creation topics. Evolutionary critiques may be included on occasion but only under special consideration, and especially where the research pertains directly to developing a creationist model.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

BryanCORE Revamps Website

It appears that the Bryan Center for Origins Research (BryanCORE) has revamped its website. Of particular interest is its enCORE series which it is making publicly available, detailing for the public notes about the research that CORE is engaged in. Roger Sander's brief analysis of the biodiversity of the Galapagos islands was very interesting, and reminded me a lot of his talk at the 2006 BSG on stochastic versus adaptive radiations. Sanders had used his personal research on the biodiversity of the Robinson Crusoe islands (I think - I may be mistaken as to the location) to argue that species radiations are primarily stochastic rather than adaptive.

Anyway, hat tip to Sudden Creation for noticing the new site.

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