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Thursday, June 14, 2007

BSG Conference -- Day 2

Another report from Jean:

Today we spent the morning looking at the biblical implications related to the Fall and how that may have affected things. The afternoon sessions discussed design. Wilson pointed out in his talk that scary and even deadly strategies were used by prey to thwart predators (e.g. threatening displays and poisons). He argued that these characteristics were 'front loaded' at the time of creation although they may not have
been manifested until after the Fall. Dr. Gollmer discussed design patterns by using comparisons from computer programming. He pointed out that the modularity, reusability and robustness seen in living things were a sign that they had been designed from the top down. This is in contrast with what we would expect from an evolutionary process that would be developing things from the bottom up. There were many other interesting topics discussed that I won't have time to cover (I am supposed to be downstairs with my poster). I give my talk tomorrow.

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