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Friday, June 08, 2007

BSG Conference

The BSG Conference is next week! Sadly, I am unable to go this year (new baby, finances, lots of overtime at work all getting in the way). However, I would love to hear from anyone who attends. The abstract list looks fascinating!

It does look fascinating.

Fascinating in large part because, as I count them, nearly half of the presentations appear to be purely theological in nature. Odd for a 'science' conference, no?

Take these gems, for example:

“God Uses Chaos to Fight the Rebellion of the Fall”

“Thorns in the Metanarrative of the Bible: From the Curse of Eden to the Crown of Thorns”

“Does the Curse on the Serpent in Genesis 3.14-15 Have Direct Implications for Creation Biology?”

“Design, Optimality, Goodness”

“Potential Evil in the Biblical Account of the Original Good Creation”

Apparently, that sort of fluff passes for 'science' to creationist computer programmers...
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