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An ongoing list of creationist research projects. This is not a creationism-verse-evolution site, but a site to publicize the research work done by members of the creationist community and the intelligent design community, or research work by the science community at large constructively relating to creation topics. Evolutionary critiques may be included on occasion but only under special consideration, and especially where the research pertains directly to developing a creationist model.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Creation Geology Conference Next Week

The Creation Geology conference in Cedarville, Ohio is next week. They have posted the schedule, and it looks fantastic! Hopefully Ian will get time to video blog for us. Ian's Friday talk, "Helical spiral exhibited in polystrate fossils" should be awesome - he has shared with me the contents before. Hopefully he'll get a full video of the talk. The conference is covering a wide range of topics and looks like fun. I wish I could be there!

On another note, YoungCosmos has just opened up a new Creation/ID forum.

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