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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posting

School has started again, and I'm busy learning Hebrew, reading Greek, and learning the history of Christianity. I'll hopefully get some chance to post, but currently I am just too busy.

Still up to your old canards, I see:

Just for the record, I want to point out that Haldaneā€™s dilemma is only a dilemma for non-telic evolution. Telic evolution does not have the same problem, because (a) the mutations are not independent, and thus can occur in multiple organisms simulataneously, and (b) there may be mechanisms of transferring the mutations in non-descent mechanisms (such as viruses).


So, when do you plan on presenting a rational, evidence supported argument indicating that HALdane's modle IS or ever WAS a dilemma?

It is of no use asking ReMine, he is busy whining about not getting special treatment from people to actually, you know, provide any actual support for his claims. Feel free to go whine to ReMine's other internet mouthpiece, Freddie "all functionmal DNA is genic" Williams, if it will make you feel better. He could never handle the reality of the situation, either.
So.... do you have any commentary on them?

"So, when do you plan on presenting a rational, evidence supported argument indicating that HALdane's modle IS or ever WAS a dilemma?"

I already did. My arguments and your response are here:

Again, I just have to point out that your position requires that there be less than 1,667 beneficial change events separating humans and the human/chimp common ancestor. When you compare that to the great number of known differences, phenotypically and genotypically, this becomes undefensible in my opinion.

I could update my argument to include more examples of beneficial differences between chimps and humans, but why bother? You should already know them, and any onlooker can search for them in Google Scholar or PubMed.

Somehow you rely on achondroplasia as an evidence of large-scale beneficial mutations -- how you can argue from such a deleterious condition to the existence of small changes which bring enormous beneficial effects I don't understand. If you had a real example I would think you'd use it instead. If you don't, I don't see how you can use the lack of evidence for such changes as evidence that they exist.
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