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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kurt Wise on the Evolution of Creationism

It appears that the Geological Society of America had a conference which included a session on the interplay of geosciences and religion. All of the abstracts are interesting reads, but in particular Kurt Wise's is interesting for the creationist perspective:

A review of the growing technical creationist literature suggests that not only has the creationist perspective increased in sophistication and scholarship, but it has also become less political, polemical, and critical. At the same time, neocreationists disdain the errors and misrepresentations which persist in the popular creationist literature. If the trends internal to creationism persist, we can expect future relations between creationists and evolutionists to be characterized with less litigation, rancor, and hostility.

May it be so!

Are you for or against creation? I am a creationist and enjoyed your posts.
I'm definitely for it. I'm also for being self-critical, and being fair to opposing sides. That doesn't mean I can't also be exceedingly opinionated :)

If you are interested in my more direct "arguing-for-creation" articles, you should check out my other blogs: and

This blog is more focused on research and thinking from a creationist perspective, not on arguing for it.

Thanks for posting!
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