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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Tsoan Monobaramin

In the latest Journal of Creation, Jean Lightner has pointed out a new monobaramin (a monobaramin is a set of taxa which belong to the same baramin) based primarily on breeding studies.

Lightner's basic points:

  • Ovis (sheep) interbreed readily with each other

  • Capra (goats) interbreed readily with each other

  • Capra and Ovis mate often when in the same location. While viable offspring is rare, there are confirmed cases.

From the chart, it seems that the main confirmed data linking Ovis to Capra was a viable hybrid of O. Canadensis with C. Hircus.

UPDATE -- apparently my eyes deceived me. I don't have it in front of me, but Jean let me know that I misread the chart and Capra and Ovis are linked by a hybrid of O. aries and C. hircus.

She also pointed out the significant homology between the sheep, goat, and cattle genomes. Goat and cattle are the most closely aligned, both having the same number of chromosomes (60) and similar layouts (both have 29 pairs of chromosomes with the centromere near one end). The sheep genome differs slightly, but can be easily explained by two robertsonian translocations, which Lightner points out seems to be nonrandom and has a driving mechanism.

I find the genetic data very interesting, but would caution the reader against assuming too much, considering that the genome may not even be the primary originator of form.

Lightner pointed to an interesting paper, Parental origin and the timing of de novo Robertsonian translocation formation.

Lightner, Jean. "Identification of Species within the Sheep-Goat kind (Tsoan monobaramin)," Journal of Creation 20(3):61-65.

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