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Friday, June 09, 2006

BSG Finale

The conference ended today with quite a bang. We were honored with the presentation of Art Chadwick on his Dinosaur digging. You can check out his dig site here. He is the first person to use high resolution 3D GPS mapping for his paleontology digs (here is one of many bone maps on the website). He has recorded the 3D location of every bone that he has excavated. He also has every bone recovered in an online catalog.

He has gathered some great data doing this. Likewise, he has shown that the river deposition mechanism proposed for beds such as these doesn't hold up, but that the deaths and burials were catastrophic. He talked a little more in-depth about how it was consistent with the Noachian flood, but I'm writing from an airport so I don't have my notes out.

Over the next few weeks I'll post some info from the various research and plenary talks as I have time.

If anyone wants to see Dr. Chadwick's thoughts on the geologic column he has written an overview.

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