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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

BACKDATED: Sedimentation, Stratification, and Moving Water

Guy Berthault had the innovative idea to actually see what happens when sediments flow in water. Sometimes the simplest experimental ideas escape us. The results are found in Experiments on lamination of sediments. Later he with others produced Experiments on stratification of heterogeneous sand mixtures. He has also posted this reply to his critics (note that his critics are not criticizing his experiments but rather his extrapolations).

Berthault even has his own website concerning problems and answers to modern stratigraphy. This links to additional papers that I have not had time to review (not that I reviewed his others in any great depth).

Berthault does more than criticize, as his experiments show. He has even founded new principles of stratigraphy, which he calls Paleohydraulic Analysis.

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