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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Walt Brown Weighs in on the Canyon

Walt added a new section to his book (purchase here, though I do not know if it will contain the new information), which is the problem of the creation of the Grand Canyon and his solution for it.


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If the Grand Canyon was carved over 7 million years, then a large delta may not necessarily be present. Instead, the delta might show up as a long, low lying area near the mouth of the river (which is there).

On the other hand, had the canyon been carved quickly and recently, there should be a delta.

Does this Walt guy have any geology chops at all?
Ed --

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To be honest, geology is my worst subject. I don't know enough about it myself. However, there isn't any other outlet for publicizing and discussing Creationist geology, so I like to do it here when I can.

His evidences are summarized here.

"Eight hundred cubic miles of sediments from inside the Grand Canyon were spread downstream from the Canyon, a hundred or so miles on either side of the present Colorado River. Today, these sediments, composed of rounded boulders mixed with clay, are exposed where streams have cut channels 100–200 feet deep. Rounded boulders show that they were transported by high-velocity water. Unsorted mixtures of clay and boulders indicate that the turbulent water suddenly slowed, depositing the unsorted mixture."

But as I said, I have no way to judge whether this explanation holds water (pun partially intended).

I'll see if I can find some other Creationists who know more about geology to weigh in positively or negatively.
ed --

I talked to a few people, and hopefully I am representing their opinions correctly.

Most of them thought that the _surrounding_ geology is the delta. The dirt was dug out by water and spread around the surrounding area (remember, this is a large flow, of which the water cutting the grand canyon is a part but not necessarily the whole).

Another option that was brought up was that the canyon could be, either in whole or in part, a tectonic feature.
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