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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Baraminology of Snakes

Tom Hennigan has a new paper out concerning the baraminology of snakes. For those of you who have forgotten, baraminology is the creationist biosystematics/taxonomy methodology. You can read more about it at the beginning of the blog archives.

Anyway, while not identifying holobaramins (original created kinds), Tom was able to identify several monobaramins (organisms part of a single created kind, but that may be joined with other monobaramins to form the complete created kind).

By several lines of evidence, he identified the following monobaramins.

From Boidae: Morelia/Liasis, Python, and Antaresia

From Colubridae: Nerodia, Pantherophis/Lampropeltis/Ptuophis, Diadophis, Thamnophis, Tolucaa/Conopsis, and Chilomeniscus

From Viperidae: Crotalus/Sistrurus, Agkistrodon, and Bitis

Tom identified the question of whether or not snakes represent a holobaramin as an open question.

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